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Mission: 00- The Edge of Misery
Location: K17
Timeline: Mission Day 0 at 0900

This new life was not going to be anything like what she planned for herself. Abby, err Penny lay on the bunk in the back for the runabout thinking back over her life so far. The family events she would miss, her aging parents, her favorite tree by the lake, the pizza place by the university campus. Big things, small things….

She was angry really. She knew choosing law enforcement entailed some risk. Being dead might have been preferable. Witness protection was shaping up to be hell. She was about to become a permanent resident of a place she had never heard of before.

“Ensign Gaspar, we are approaching the station.” The pilot yelled from the front of the runabout.

“Thanks” She responded. The pilot was a nice guy, but he could talk about the shuttle racing circuit for hours, and she just couldn’t listen to it any more.

Twenty minutes later she felt the firm click the shuttle touching down. She got up, grabbed her bags, and yelled “Thanks for the lift” to the man up front.

The shuttle bay was empty, she knew her quarters were on deck 12. She didn’t feel like hanging out there so dropped off her things and decided to find her new CO. The computer informed her the captain had a do not disturb order in the system. What else? Her new office….

“Computer, where is the security office?”

=Security office is on deck 4 section 245=

Penny marched to the turbolift and wound her way up to the security office. She walked in to find a woman, even younger than she was.

“Ma’am” she said shooting up from her seat. “Crewman Miller Ma’am” She bumped into the desk on her way around and yelped when the corner hit her thigh. “I’m one of your security officers ma’am.”

Penny laughed to herself. She was warned this station might have some odd crew members. “I’m Ensign Gaspar” She extend a hand to shake, which was reciprocated.

“Where you from Crewman?”

“I’m from, well, DS 11 I guess. My parents are both Starfleet.” She paused “You, Ma’am?”

“I’m……I’m from Madison, Wisconsin.” She wasn’t, but it had to be.

“Interesting, never been there Ma’am. What should we do? Do we have work to do?”

“I’m not sure yet. You are an eager beaver!” Penny thought a moment. “I’m going to go meet the CO. Maybe we’ll find something to do.”