The Monotony Of Morning

Posted on Tue Apr 9th, 2019 @ 2:21pm by Captain Etan Kaz & Ensign Samantha York

Mission: 00- The Edge of Misery
Location: Captain’s Ready Room
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0600

Sitting comfortably in his formerly well appointed office, Etan Kaz rubbed his temples as he sat forward. He reached across his desk and grabbed his cup of sweetened Yanaberry Tea, a native Trill blend, and sat back again holding the mug.

Tapping his fingers on the chair's arms, he waited rather impatiently for his Yeoman to arrive. It annoyed him to no end that their morning meetings, which were a daily occurrence still managed to happen despite the lack of events on the antiquated station.

Sipping his tea, he leaned and reached for a PADD to check the time.

Samantha pressed the buzzer to the office. Her uniform jacket hung open, showing the red undershirt. She was still looking a bit sleepily, having to blink a few times to get the blurriness out of her vision. Her one hand held a big bucket of coffee, her other a PADD.

"Open." Called Kaz, as he sat up in his seat. "So nice of you to show up Ensign." He said as the doors parted giving him a clear view of his Yeoman.

"Good morning sir." Sam replied stifling a yawn as she took her customary seat across from him. "Sorry I was late, there was a line at the messhall replicator."

Kaz rolled his eyes. The same boring excuses on the same boring station. "What do you have for me today?" He asked, annoyance laced his voice.

"We have new data on the exciting Spatial Gas study. " She answered, flipping through the PADD. "There was an activity alert in the Promenade, but that was just a defective trigger." She put the PADD down and took a sip of her coffee. "And we have Crewman Jeter's birthday coming up."

"That is certainly worthy of my lifetimes of experience and everyone's time." He closed his eyes and rubbed his temples and sighed. "So nothing on the border?"

"Nothing within sensor range, no." Alex answered, drinking more of her coffee. "The supply ships haven't seen anything either, not even a bit of piracy."

"Maybe I should take Admiral Riley up on her offer." He set down his cup and his PADD. "Early retirement is sounding better than dying out here."

"It's probably the only way I ever get a command position." Samantha chuckled ruefully. "Maybe we'll get lucky and the Alrakis Pact will declare war and blow us out of the sky. It's a nice and painless way."

Kaz leaned in, suddenly filled with the wonder that had caused him to accept the post to begin with. "You know, That would sure be a career marking moment."

Sam agreed, then drinking her coffee. "It might even get us out of the doghouse, post-mortem ."

The Captain laughed. "I think it'll take more than that to change Commodore Wheeldon's mind."