Captain Etan Kaz


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Captain Etan Kaz

Name Etan Kaz

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill (Joined)
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 6’2”
Weight 206 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Etan is a typical Trill male. Not an overly impressive specimen, but is decently attractive and well built for his physical age.


Father Arjin Jobari
Mother Keznia Jobari
Sister(s) Devixa Jobari

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kaz is a bit jaded, having been shipped to K-17 following a fall from grace with Starfleet Command.

Personal History
Born in 2349, Etan Jabari began his life as a typical Trill living in a typical Trill Family. He and his sister Devixa would spend their days exploring the forests around their family’s property.
Throughout his childhood, Etan’s parents were addement about preparing their children for the possibility of being selected for Joining. Arjin was perhaps the most persistant. As a Doctor he would drone on about the health benefits of being a Joined Trill and lament that he was never selected. Keznia on the other hand, was an artist and would often speak in the abstract about the wonderous experience of multiple lifetimes.

The opinions of both parents put Etan on the road to prepare for Joining, should he be lucky enough to be selected, but they also helped to shape his future career choices.

At age 17, Etan began his Pre-Medical studies at the University of Trill , before realizing they were not for him. After a year, he transfered his studies to Starfleet Academy. His years at the Academy were most rewarding. He made many connections, that have helped throughout his career. Despite the work load being heavy, Etan loved the lessons in his Diplomacy but settled on following the Tactical strain. Etan excelled in his studies, and recieved commendations from many instructors.

Just as he was coming up on his graduation from the Academy, he received word that his Sister was killed in an accident on Trill. Etan raced home to be by his parent’s side. He spent two weeks with his parents on Trill, conforting each other in the wake of Devixia’s tragic death.

Despite not attending the ceremony, Etan had successfully graduated from Starfleet Academy, with commission to the rank of Ensign. Etan was assigned to the USS Demeter for his first posting as a Tactical Officer. He completed two years aboard the Demeter before being promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

With his promotion, Etan accepted a transfer to the USS Hypatia, where he would serve as a Chief Tactical Officer. After a few years aboard Hypatia , Etan recieved word that he was selected for Joining, and had to be recalled to Trill for the procedure as soon as possible.

Taking an emergency Leave of Absence, Etan took an immediate transport to Trill where he was prepped to recieve the Kaz Symbiont. Kaz’s previous Host, a Scientist named Enjima was advance in age and slowly dying. For the health of the Symbiont, the transfer needed to happen as soon as possible. The procedure was an experience that Tristor would not soon forget.

He found his concious mind flooded with the memories of Kaz’s previous hosts, which was overwhelming for Tristor at first. Through the guidance of the Trill Guardians, Etan Kaz performed the Zhian’tara Rite which helped to solidify his ground as a host.

After nearly 6 months on Trill, Etan returned to duty and was sent to Earth to report to the USS Carpathia as Chief Tactical Officer. While the Carpathia took of to patrol the Romulan border’s Etan began to find his bearings in Starfleet as Kaz.

This introspection was disrupted by an unforseen attack by Romulan aggressors.

After taking considerable damage along the Border, Carpathia returned to Earth for exstensive repairs and refit. Kaz took the opportunity to return for some addition training at the Academy. It would seem that in Kaz, Etan found a new ambition. Ambition for Command.

Attending Command School, was exhilerating for Kaz. He took the time away from active duty as a chance to take some addition coursework as well in Diplomacy.

Upon graduating from Command School, etan was assigned to the USS Fredricton, where he would serve for a short time as Chief Tactical Officer and Second Officer.

Fredricton was an aging Frigate and as such was a good place for Kaz to strech his legs and put his new knowledge to work. The ship was recalled for decommissioning after a year.

The crew was given shore leave, and Etan was reassigned in the new year. This would be his first real command posting, as First Officer of the Nova Class USS Dasuntless.

Under the tutledge of his Captain and through war with the Dominion, Etan would learn what it truly meant to be a leader and excel in his posting.

After 5 years, Etan’s name would be put forward for his first command. The USS Helena was an Intrepid class vessel in her prime. Having had no previous CO, the ship was still pristine and ready to be broken in.

And that is just what Kaz did. Over the course of his seven years in command, the Helena saw action against the Gorn Hegemony. Some of Etan’s tactics could be called unconventional, causing command to question his fitness for starship command.

When Kaz and his ship were recalled for overhaul, etan was awarded command of Deep Space K-17 on the Tzenkethi Border, a posting he was in no place to decline.
Service Record
2355-2359:Cadet,Starfleet Academy

2359-2360:Ensign,Tactical Officer,USS Demeter

2360-2361:Lieutenant Junior Grade,Tactical Officer,USS Demeter

2361-2364:Lieutenant,Chief Tactical Officer, USS Hypatia

2364-2365:Lieutenant, Leave of Absence (6 Months),Trill

2365-2366:Lieutenant,Chief Tactical Officer, USS Carpathia

2366-2368:Lieutenant,Command Student, Starfleet Academy-Command School

2368-2369:Lieutenant Commander,Chief Tactical Officer/ Second Officer,USS Fredricton

2370-2375:Lieutenant Commander,Executive Officer,USS Dauntless

2375-2382:Commander,Commanding Officer, USS Helena

2382-Present:Captain,Commanding Officer, Deep Space K-17