Welcome to the Forgotten Frontier.

Welcome to the Forgotten Frontier.

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Deep Space K-17 is a K class station on the Tzenkethi border, originally built following the Federation's war with the Coalition as a monitoring post watching Tzenkethi movements. In the decades since the war, the station has fallen into ramshackles due to the isolationist ideals of the Tzenkethi.

Things have changed. The Alrakis Pact is on the rise, with theTzenkethi on the forefront. Soon things in this quiet forgotten corner of space are going to become quite different.

Latest Mission Posts

» Arrival

Mission: 00- The Edge of Misery
Posted on Mon Apr 29th, 2019 @ 9:46pm by Ensign Penny Gaspar

This new life was not going to be anything like what she planned for herself. Abby, err Penny lay on the bunk in the back for the runabout thinking back over her life so far. The family events she would miss, her aging parents, her favorite tree by the lake,…

» The Monotony Of Morning

Mission: 00- The Edge of Misery
Posted on Tue Apr 9th, 2019 @ 2:21pm by Captain Etan Kaz & Ensign Samantha York

Sitting comfortably in his formerly well appointed office, Etan Kaz rubbed his temples as he sat forward. He reached across his desk and grabbed his cup of sweetened Yanaberry Tea, a native Trill blend, and sat back again holding the mug.

Tapping his fingers on the chair's arms, he waited…